Playwright Bio 6

Alice in Wonderland the musical, adapted from Lewes Carroll

In a lighter vein, my next play was another commission.  David Ingledew, a musician and song-writing in Kemptown, had written a number of charming songs inspired by the character of Alice as she struggles to mature.  Long before the wonderful movie starring Johnny Depp and…. I penned the libretto for the songs already written.  This meant carefully creating moments for the songs out of Lewis Carroll’s well-loved characters.  The coming of age story champions the liberation of children as Carroll always did.  It was presented at the Brighton Festival and won me first price at the Moondance International Film Festival in the Children’s Drama Division. In spite of this prize the musical remains on the shelf and the beautiful music goes unheard.  Starring four principal characters with dancing and an underwater scene if production budget allows it is an ideal script for community theatres.          









With the advent of Google Glasses we are all now familiar with techno frantic games but in 2003 they were news.  This is a one-act play I wrote on the subject of frantic game-playing.









TECHNO FRANTIC LOVE was a light hearted play  following two young marriedsenjoying an evening at home, on their ‘glasses’.






































One-Act Musical

Following the cutting of my first cd, Going Places, played and sung by Paul Chi who also wrote most of the music, I ventured into the music world.   Based on my poems, some of the first lines of the music came to me, but Paul adeptly developed my rudimentary ideas and in some cases, especially the song Beloved, simply sat down at the piano and wrote it instantly.

To keep the songs alive, I wrote a monologue for a woman who is remembering the men in her life.  It was performed at the Brighton Festival and at Pete Townshend’s Studios.


To read the play online click on this link SleepAroundBeauty
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