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Unfairly accused of plagiarism age eight, I renounced poetry and decided 
to become a novelist. I almost finished my first novel
but not before I developed agoraphobia. I decided to leave my desk and 
Work for the Literary Agency of Jan Van Loewen(Shaftesbury Avenue)
whose clients included Jean Cocteau, Jean Anouilh and Peter Weiss. I
was consequently lured into writing for the theatre.
        Theatre of the Absurd
                    Annarchial English Comedy
                              Existential Philosophy
Great times for ravenous minds!
The plot of my first play Henry's War was copied from a Friedrick
Durrenmatt play and was chosen by David Wheeler of the Theatre 
Company of Boston, Mass.  I naively believed I had 'arrived'. 
My second play was a commission for the Loeb Drama Center, 
Harvard University Mass. at the height of protest against the
Vietnam war and the second wave of feminism, hence the title.
Here is the poster. I'm afraid I do not have a program but it
was directed by Geralyn Horton, who became a true friend
and Jon Kaiser, another friend, both of whom are still active in
assassination of robert f kennedy review

  My third play was a complete departure.  SPACED, set on a spaceship which had lost Earth, was a poetic response to the ‘eagle has landed ‘  with speaking parts for furniture and an ancient menhir.    Philosophical and pretentious perhaps but Marilyn Arsem directed and wove a transcendent spell over the best of audiences, an experience which changed her mind about conventional theater forever.  After  directing my play, SPACED, she founded Mobius, Boston’s first experimental theater company.


My first commercial break came when I was chosen as a Eugone O’Neill Playwright, see below, for my play Angela Hitler



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