Contemporary American woman playwrightEliza Wyatt was born in England and has been part of the Boston theater scene for more than thirty years. She has won many awards for her playwriting and is now doing sculpture and poetry.


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Below is an excerpt from ANGELA HITLER, the London production at Bridge Lane Theatre.  This except shows Angela Hitler’s English nephew, William Patrick Hitler.

Below is a short film, directed by Brian Kaufman of my one act play, Bunny.

Below are two clips from two different productions of Flowers of Red.

Flowers of Red

Flowers of Red at Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, January 2007

Flowers of Red

Answers to FAQ

Angela Hitler is Hitler’s half sister, six years older.   In the play Hitler is accused of killing his niece Geli, his fist victim.  William Patrick Hitler was his brother’s son, born in Ireland.  He eventually became a U.S. soldier.

Bunny is a work of pure fiction, filmed in Newburyport, Mass.

To follow the story of Eliza Wyatt’s theatrical career, go to Playwright’s Bio, 1 – 4.

Contemporary American woman playwright

Portraits by Darvish

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